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108 Airport
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The Cariboo Regional District assumed ownership of the South Cariboo (108) Regional Airport in 1981 following negotiations Block Bros. who originally constructed the airport to facilitate access to its subdivision development at the 108 Ranch. Since that time, the operations of the airport have overseen by an Airport Commission which is responsible for monitoring its operations and development and making recommendations to the Cariboo Regional District Board. Taxation is collected on the basis of a local service area to cover basic operational costs such as the annual operating agreement with the airport manager, insurance, and minor maintenance items. Due to its limited budget, however, the airport has traditionally relied on senior government funding for any major improvements.

The role of the South Cariboo Regional Airport in the region is significant. The airport serves to connect the community to the provincial, national and international air transportation network. This connection allows the area to become more attractive to industrial and commercial interests, improving its potential for economic development. The airport has hosted flight training schools and scheduled service at various times on a somewhat sporadic basis. Corporate traffic accounts for approximately 1/3 of the annual airport movements, demonstrating the airports' significance to the economic viability of the region. Medivacs (medical evacuations) from this location approximate 50 annually on average making the airport extremely important to the residents from a health and safety perspective.

The operations of the airport are overseen by a local Commission comprised of a combination of elected and non-elected members representing the Electoral Areas G, H and L and the District of 100 Mile House. The Commission is responsible for monitoring the fiscal status of the function as well as overseeing the operations of the airport. The Commission may make recommendations to the Cariboo Regional District Board with respect to budget levels, capital needs and operational requirements.

The most significant component of the budget relates to the annual operating contract with the Airport Manager who is responsible for the general maintenance and operation of the airport. As noted previously, major capital items are reliant on senior government funding.

As such, no significant capital upgrading is proposed for the near future from the annual operating budget. Applications for funding assistance under the Air Transport Assistance Program are submitted annually with identified projects being undertaken in those years that grants are forthcoming.

Fuel Sales are available at the Airport.
Call 250-791-1908 for service.


AWOS: 250-791-9262
Rwy 14/32
4877 x 75' asphalt
Rwy 14 down 1.07%
Geographic Coordinates:
N51 44 12 W121 20 01
14-(TE ME) V1, 32-(TE ME) V1 ARCAL-123.2
key mike 5 times for VASIS 32 and edge lights;
key mike 7 times for VASIS 14 and edge lights.
tfc 123.2 5NM 6100 ASL
Navigational Aids:
NDB J7 285 (M) N51 44 36 W121 20 13 at A/D Pvt
DME J7 116.2 Ch 109 N51 44 32 W121 20 16 (3164') at A/D Pvt
Day: Right hand circuits rwy 32.
Night: Right hand circuits rwy 14.
South end of runway is not visible from threshold 14. P-line approximately 200 E of runway along south end marked by obstacle lights. P-line across approach to rwy 32 marked by ball markers.

If you would like to see the whole series of pictures, we have placed them here in a pdf file for you to download
108 Airport Pictures

Contact Numbers
108 Airport Manager Nick Christianson 250-791-1908

Cariboo Regional District 1-800-665-1636

Information and pictures supplied by Al Richmond



1987 - $200,000 - install lighting system
1989 - $150,000 - install fuel facility
1990 - $ 40,000 - complete fuel facility installation
$199,000 - install navigational aids (NDB/DME)
1991 - $ 45,000 - runway improvements
1996 - $ 30,000 - crackfilling
1997 - $ 41,188 - fencing
1998 - $393, 572 - resurface runway and other airside pavement
2000 - $ 45,000 - install airside fire hydrant
2001 - $30,000 - automated weather observation station
ATAP grant application for 75% funding - $22,500